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Wellness Education Services

Learning about mental wellness is imperative in crafting a lifestyle that heals you!

- Dr. Shari  Nicole

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Knowing is healing!

Have you ever felt better after receiving an explanation for what you were experiencing? Yes?! ME TOO!!

Wellness Education will help you and your group get to a place of happiness, purpose, and understanding so that you can be focused and invested.  I specialize in teaching you how to notice when everyday processes and experiences might be getting in the way of living the life you would like.


Whether it is difficulty with communication, managing stress, conflict management, or struggles navigating relationship issues, I’d like to help tailor an educational experience that fits your needs.  

Take a look at some of the wellness education consultations and workshops Dr. Shari has created!

Wellness Education Workshops & Trainings Created by Dr. Shari:

In the educational workshops, Dr. Shari teaches strategies on how to develop fulfilling interactions with the self and others through: a) examining relationship patterns by reflecting on past experiences; b) examine skills on how participants have established healthy behaviors in their lived experiences;

c) create a future strategy for developing fulfilling behaviors with others.


What About Healthy Boundaries?


Effectively Communicate With Me.


Resolving Conflicts One Fight At A Time.


Learning How to Cope Even When It's Hard.

To Learn Weekly:


for Wellness Wednesday Tips 

How to Achieve the Impossible

How to Achieve the Impossible

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