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Let's collaborate to enhance your program, organization, and life!

- Dr. Shari  Nicole

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Mental Health Expert

Are you interested in enhancing your message with mental health and wellness promotion?

I believe psychology can be valuable for everyday people that live ordinary lives and works better when it spans outside of the four walls of a therapy office.

This feature is perfect for media outlets and writers that need expert commentary about mental wellness, stress management, anxiety and depression, organizational and community trauma, PTSD, transitions and adjusments, or Black mental health. 

I am thrilled to have your project become a part of our mission of bringing psychology and healing to the community. I look forward to working with all of our partners and local communities to achieve our mission. 




Essence Magazine

The Solve: How Can I Heal After a Rough Break Up

A Clinical Psychologist takes you through the healing process after a breakup.

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Fight the Power: Learning to Chill During Covid 19 Isolation

Psychologist Dr. Shari explains how the stress response makes it difficult to relax when your mind believes there is danger.


BET Online

How These Black Millenial Women Are Dealing with Depression

Black millenial women open up about their experiences with depression and experts discuss the Super Woman Schema.

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How A Staycation Helped Me With My Anxiety

Mini-breaks can be beneficial for your mental health in a different way than a traditional vacation can. Read how!

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3 Psychs and a Mic is a podcast hosted by three Black, female psychologists who discuss a variety of topics through the lens of psychology in a way that is relatable and relevant to listeners.

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