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Meet Dr. Shari

Psychologist  |  Consultant  |  Wellness Coach  |  Podcast Host  |  Motivational Speaker

We are as sick as the secrets we hide from healing!


what  I  say  about  myself:

I knew in the 7th grade I wanted to be a psychologist! Yes, really! But definitely for all the wrong reasons. I heard $150 an hour and got childhood-hypnotized by the dollar signs, as only a middle schooler would! So maybe why I decided to get in the field is not as important as why I decided to stay in the field (there were many times in the long journey I questioned whether to leave). 


It is simple, I believe humans are fascinating!  Even more so, the lives and the stories of humans are extremely fascinating.  I carry a true appreciation of the complicated task of delving into the intricate nature of the human condition. When someone allows me to walk beside them through some of the most terrifying, loving, funny, devastating, or difficult experiences they have survived, I consider it an extreme honor. And I am astounded daily by how resilient and capable humans are. I stayed in this field because humans are worth walking beside.

Can I have the honor of walking beside you?

The Wellness & Executive Coach: 

As a coach, Dr. Shari Nicole's mission is to empower individuals and leaders to define clear and practical solutions for their challenges and opportunities. Dr. Shari focuses on addressing the unique leadership challenges clients face within the corporate environment and helps them develop the skills necessary to excel. 

The Motivational Speaker: 

As a speaker, Dr. Shari Nicole provides an unforgettable experience to listeners and learners that leaves them inspired. She is a highly sought after speaker because of her ability to connect and teach through story.  Her expertise and ability to connect with people across all walks of life has resulted in her work appearing on national platforms including The Free Times Newspaper, The State Newspaper,, and ESSENCE Magazine!


what  they  say  about  me:

The Psychologist/Expert:

Dr. Shari Nicole is a licensed psychologist and mental health expert who focuses on the role mental health plays in whole-body wellness. She considers herself a small-town girl who is passionate about decreasing the stigma of mental wellness by providing psychoeducation and awareness to communities. Dr. Shari earned her Master's Degree and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and enjoys working closely with individual and group resilience after trauma, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. If you need a psychological explanation on your show, script, a guest, or a host, I'm the person to call.  

Licensed Psychologist: Kansas #LP2623, PhD in Counseling Psychology; University of Minnesota - 2015.

The Consultant: 

As a consultant, Dr. Shari Nicole strives to understand the unique needs of her clients and assist them with living their greatest version of wellness. She developed Everyday Psychology LLC, an organization that believes psychology can be valuable for everyday people and works better when it spans outside of four office walls. Here she serves as the key consultant and has serviced several community agencies spanning from coast to coast. By using her psychological expertise, Dr. Shari fosters wellness and healing by educating groups and communities through workshops, psychoeducational talks, and mental wellness engagement.

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